Monte-Carlo Vodka is a combination of finesse, strong personality and elegance, due to the specific way it is made.

The quality of wheat grain and the is a combination of finesse high purity of water give it a fullness and a taste that are unmatched.

It has a good length on the palate and a slightly iodized finish.


Monte-Carlo Vodka is the result of several years of research and development.

This exceptional product originates from a traditional distillation and an innovative technical process. Monte-Carlo Vodka is distilled five times from the finest French wheat grain (the fifth time in a copper still), then added to desalinated water.

Pure water is drawn within the Principality of Monaco, at the heart of an exceptional environment, off the coast where the Oceanographic Museum is located. The sources of the Alps flow into and feed this natural and fertile environment.

The nobleness of Monte-Carlo Vodka comes from this precious assembly. Like the Principality of Monaco, Monte-Carlo Vodka combines tradition and modernity



Spirit Monaco integrates a strong environmental approach and a policy of sustainable development. It is, at this day, the only spirits company that produces more fresh water than liquor.

Using water drawn from the pure and preserved seabed of the bay makes this liquor a responsible product: it doesn't have any impact on the Mediterranean basin groundwater, and the surplus production of fresh water is being used locally or for the export market, at no extra cost.


Straight, as a long drink or in simple or refined cocktail, chilled or at room temperature, Monte-Carlo Vodka® is suited to many uses, as its blending of French wheat associated to pure water is perfect.

Another distinguishing feature of Monte-Carlo Vodka@ is to be the perfect partner for Caviar. It has a good length on the palate and a Slightly iodized finish.



The bottle is an exclusive and original creation. Three years of development were needed to achieve a technical and aesthetic feat: strict compliance with the glass bottle blueprint with extra white quality, great precision of the patterned ornament, and a 5 cl measuring cap made of aluminum.