About us

Cote d Azur Spirits Co., Ltd.

Registered and licensed company in Thailand. Our Head Office is located in Bangkok.

Our philosophy and main activity is importing and distributing premium beverages like Champagne (France), Spirits (Monaco), Sparkling Wines (Italy).

We also would like to privilege quality and customized service, as well as good storage conditions, by respecting the logistic chain to keep the products at their best tastes and flavors.

As a matter of fact, the Champagne have a minimum ageing of 3 to 5 years (meaning it is kept in the winemaker cellar for this ageing time), and is then available on the market . It can be ordered only on demand via our company.

In Bangkok, these products are stored in the best conditions:

       ·         For the Champagne and Sparkling Wines (Wine Cellar)
                 - Temperature:    12 - 15 °C

                 - Humidity:           65 - 75 %

      ·         For the Spirits (Air Con)
                 - Temperature:    25 - 27 °C

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